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Elf Pets Animated Special

Imaginatively telling the stories of Santa's North Pole

Beginning in 2011 with the beloved animated special, An Elf's Story (produced by Big Canoe Entertainment), CCA & B, LLC championed an instant Christmas classic. Now, with subsidiary Scout Elf Productions™, CCA & B, LLC continues to create cherished content for children and families to enjoy each holiday season. CCA & B, LLC utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, product lines and licensing. For more information visit Our Products or elfontheshelf.com.

Animated Specials

Elf Pets St. Bernards Save Christmas

Santa’s St. Bernards Save Christmas is a new animated special! This 26-minute special brings to life the story of Santa’s Saint Bernard pups as told in the storybook Elf Pets: A Saint Bernard Tradition. It is the first title to be released by Scout Elf Productions™ , a subsidiary of CCA & B, LLC, to help the company realize its dream of bringing entertainment-based content to fans. Learn More

And Elf's Story

This classic animated special brings The Elf on the Shelf® story to life on screen, and delivers a timeless message of belief, love and hope at Christmastime. Created by Big Canoe Entertainment, this special gave fans their first glimpse of Santa’s Scout Elves in animated form. Learn More